Welcome to Glasstec 2016

The XPAR Vision team welcomes you to Glasstec 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Since 2000, when InfraRed hot end technology firstly was introduced, it will be the 9th Glasstec Exhibition. During this exhibition XPAR Vision introduces the vision of container glass manufacturing: Smart Manufacturing 2020/25.

In 2000 the introduction of XPAR’s InfraRed hot end Camera was a true revolution. The technology evaluated over the years, both on software features and performance and on hardware. Nowadays, with globally more than 500 production lines equipped with InfraRed hot end Cameras, the IR-D has become the for hot end inspection of (critical) defects and process monitoring!

At Glasstec the latest software version 7 will be demonstrated. Based on years of customers experience and related feedback our development team has created this new software, which incorporates major changes and improvements with regard to camera set up, process improvement functionality and last but not least, inspection accuracy. In general, these changes and improvements make the software much more accessible and easier to use.

After the InfraRed hot end Camera the IGC was introduced at Glasstec 2004. The IGC (infraRed Gob weight Control) was the first true automatic gob weight control system for blow-blow process, which in closed loop with the feeder continuously regulates the weight of the gobs with a minimum of variation.


From 2009 onwards we have embraced hot end sensor development for the purpose of forming process automation as our focus. Subsequently new and innovative hot end technologies have been introduced.

In 2010 the GobAssist was introduced firstly. With the GobAssist the IS-Machine Operator can easily monitor and maintain good loading conditions of all gobs at the blank side. Knowing that good gob loading is a pre-condition to form a good glass container the GobAssist is an indispensable tool to produce the glass container the first time right, thus increasing efficiency and improving the quality of the packed ware.

In 2012 we firstly introduced BoX. BoX is the result of our co-operation with Bottero and has automated functionalities for Ware Spacing and Vertical Glass Distribution. In the meantime BoX has been implemented and proven to be successful at more than 10 customers worldwide.

In 2014 we introduced the BTC (Blankside Temperature Control). With the BTC a full overview of the blankside thermal environment is provided, besides blank mould temperatures also plunger, neck rings and uniquely the temperatures of parison as well. These continuous measurements give the production team full insight of the thermal behaviour in each cavity for timely remedial actions or even in closed loop to the IS-timing system.

The BTC has been integrated into the same transport systems as the GobAssist and are normally sold together. Besides to end customers, since 2014 we supply the Gob Assist and BTC to Bucher Emhart Glass who integrates the device in there IS-machines.

In parallel to these market introductions XPAR Vision developed a centralized database system called XMIS (XPAR Management Information System), in which all measurements of all XPAR Vision hot end systems are collected and stored. XMIS can extract Standard Reports (Performance, Rejects, Events, etc.) which automatically can be distributed by email, as well as a real time direct data exchange with common production information systems like Vertech or iAfis, or even with proprietary systems. More important, the centralized database has become a pilar for our developments according to our vision of container glass forming in 2020/25.

Recently XPAR Vision and Novaxion joined forces to market and further develop the SR200 Swabbing Robot, enabling automatic swabbing according to dedicated blank profiles for accurate and repeatedly application of lubricant to the blanks. Fast payback is found in more stability of the forming process, less critical defects and less consumption of lubricant. Also in terms of operator safety the robot contributes to less accidents. XPAR Vision and Novaxion see great potential in integrating hot end IR/sensor technology with the capabilities of robotics.

We welcome you to visit us in Hall 13, booth D15, to see, share and discuss our solution and vision of container glass forming in 2020/25.