Xpar flessen

Mission & vision

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we are convinced that the global glass container industry can do much better than they perform today. Lighter and stronger bottles, produced with higher efficiencies, less defects and higher speed, using less materials and energy and causing less carbon emission, will make glass much more competitive in the field of packaging materials like cans, plastics and cartons.

Xpar flessenOur Hot End sensor technology solutions for quality selection, quality control and automated process control are pre-requisites for this. Also our Hot End sensor technology is of help in creating a safer and more sustainable working environment for operators and specialists.

We at XPAR Vision believe that glass is the preferred packaging material, because of taste, health, quality and sustainability. We are committed to give glass a better position in comparison to other packaging materials. We are convinced that this is our contribution to make our world a better place.