The IGC – Infrared Gob weight Control system – as an add-on to XPAR Vision’s IR camera systems, assists container glass manufacturers to improve their product quality and increases the glass-forming-process capabilities by monitoring and controlling the weight of all cut gobs.

This innovative solution is suitable for all forming processes (Blow & Blow, Press & Blow and NNPB) and for round and non-round ware in each glass colour.

IGC operating principle

At the Hot End, XPAR Vision’s IR-D system detects the intensity of infrared radiation emitted by the hot glass containers. The IR-D measures the intensity of each single glass container. The IGC relates this measurement to the weight of the related gob. Any deviations in gob weight are automatically compensated by the IGC through adjusting the position of the tube. The IGC ensures a constant weight of the cut gobs, thus eliminating an important source of process variation.

Connected to the company’s network, the IGC and IR-D enable remote access for production specialists to (re)view the status of the forming process and apply changes to settings and configurations.

Combined with other XPAR solutions, XPAR Vision provides real-time process information of the Hot End forming process, from the cutting of the gob, until the glass containers enter the annealing lehr.

Capabilities of the IGC solution

  • Accurate gob weight control (< 0.5% weight variation)
  • Closed-loop automatic adjustment of tube height
  • Single and tandem IS-machine support
  • Multi-gob support
  • Multi-product support
  • All glass colours
  • Round and non-round ware
  • Blow-Blow process support
  • Press-Blow process support
  • Wide-Mouth Press & Blow process support
  • NNPB process support