The GobAssist - an add-on to XPAR Vision’s IR camera systems, assists container glass manufacturers to improve their product quality and increases the glass-forming-process capabilities by monitoring and controlling the gob loading at all cavities.

GobAssist operating principle

The GobAssist ensures to find, to maintain and to retrieve the optimal gob loading within seconds, thus eliminating an important source of process variation, thus eliminating critical defects related to bad gob loading.

The optimal gob loading per cavity can be obtained through an intuitive user interface. Any preventive or corrective actions are instantly confirmed in the glass distribution of the glass container, visualized by XPAR Vision's IR-D system.

Connected to the company’s network the GobAssist and IR-D enables remote access for production specialists to review the status of the forming process and apply changes to settings and configurations.

Combined with other XPAR solutions, XPAR Vision provides real-time process information of the Hot End forming process from the cutting of the gob until the glass containers enter the annealing lehr.

Capabilities of the GobAssist solution

  • Real-time cavity related
  • Entrance position of the gob into blank mould
  • Speed of the gob
  • Time of arrival
  • Gob length
  • Gob diameter
  • Gob shape
  • Single, double, triple and quad gob support
  • Multi-product support
  • All glass colours
  • Round and non-round ware
  • Blow-Blow process support
  • Press-Blow process support
  • Wide-Mouth Press & Blow support
  • NNPB support

Technical characteristics

  • Fixed to the blank side of the IS-machine, the GobAssist camera module moves on a guiding rail without interfering with the operator’s workspace and safety
  • A GobAssist user interface console is to be positioned flexibly
  • Centralized and networked computer architecture (no exposure to Hot End environmental conditions)
  • Reliability and serviceability for maximized uptime
  • Open interface with many production information systems