A new world of glass making (in three minutes)

Watch our brand new video, in which we show how we can help to improve the glass container production process with our advanced and state of the art systems and technology. Learn in only three minutes, through animation, what XPAR Vision can do for the glass container industry (and for you). We know that we can make glass products lighter and stronger, produce them with almost zero defects, at higher speed and with less human dependency, because that is precisely what we do every day. All over the world!

If we want glass to be considered as a sustainable and competitive packaging material, we have to make the glass forming process less dependent on people. After all: with each and every retiring employee a lot of valuable knowledge and experience disappears from the industry. At the same time it is becoming more and more difficult to find, attract and keep good operators. Automation of (parts of) the process is inevitable, also in the context of the roadmap to Industry 4.0

Carbon footprint

For e.g. breweries, packaging is causing about 50% of the carbon footprint. Since breweries are committed to reduce their carbon dioxide emission drastically, a strong focus on weight reduction and improved efficiency and quality is required. Our products are designed to support these transitions!

24/7 actors

In order to manage these challenges, XPAR Vision has been developing hot end sensors and robotics for the last twenty years. The stars in our video are the main of our portfolio, showing their best functions and features. Meet 24/7 actors like IR-D (InfraRed Dual camera system), IGC (Infrared Gob weight Control system), GobMonitor, GobAssist-BTC (Blank side Temperature Control system) and – last but certainly not least – the BlankRobot.


Our BlankRobot is outlined more widely, because it is ‘the new kid on the block’. It can make the revolutionary and necessary steps towards full forming process control, thanks to its emphasis on swabbing with ultra-low frequency (once every three hours) and ultra-low impact and its options for other functions such as deflector alignment.

New world

By using hot end sensors and robotics and by continuously developing smart, intelligent and data driven solutions, we are convinced we can create a new world of glass making: a world in which hot end sensors are collecting data continuously, in which intelligence is integrated in the systems, in which robotics execute repetitive IS machine interactions. In this new world, forming process control is on a much higher level than today, ensuring lighter and stronger containers, produced with (almost) zero defects at higher speed with minimum human dependency, as such the best guarantee for glass to be sustainable and competitive. Now and in the future.

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