UPDATE: new IR-D V7 and IGC software

In the third quarter of 2015, XPAR Vision introduced the new version of IR-D software: V7. The new software has been rolled out and implemented all over the world now. At the same time, we introduced the new IGC (Infrared Gob weight Control) software, with true automatic weight steering incorporated. With these new releases, we reinforced our leadership in hot end inspection and process monitoring in the container glass industry.


The feedback of the new IR-D V7 software so far is very positive. The easy-to-use simplified camera setup is frequently mentioned. No wonder, because the setup is completely automated and can be activated by one button. This results in a significant time reduction in setting up the system. Also the new Job Change Wizard is perceived as a big improvement.

New overview screen in the User Interface
New overview screen in the User Interface


A lot of new functions have proven to be beneficial, like the diameter and ovality measurement. Feedback tells us that these new modules are easy to setup and turn out to be very helpful finding the out-of-specs products. Quadrupling the image resolution has resulted in increased accuracy of detecting (critical) defects. The added module for Hot Spots contributes a lot to the detection of bird swings. Some customers were even reporting that no bird swings were found anymore in the Cold End at all!


The new IGC (Infrared Gob weight Control) version has been installed at several customers, including the Direct Tube Motor interface. Meanwhile, we support tube motors from BEG-Emhart, Bottero, BDF and a proprietary one. The support for Heye tube motors will be implemented soon. The improvements make the installation and commissioning of the IGC very straight forward and fast. In the operation, the closed loop automated weight steering has proven to be accurate and does not require much adjustment of the tube height, from the operators. Quite a relief for them, as it reduces their workload!


Since the results are so positive, we advise all users to update their systems to the latest versions of IR-D and IGC. XPAR Vision is dedicated to provide all our customers with state-of-the-art functionality. Therefore, we offer these software updates free-of-charge. This is part of the unique service of XPAR Vision: delivering high class technology and make it work! We refer in this respect to the Implementation Road Map (read the article in this NewsFlash).


XPAR Vision’s InfraRed Hot End Technology was first introduced in 2000, to support the container glass industry for inspection of defects and the monitoring of the forming process. Since then, worldwide more than 400 production lines have been equipped with it. At the time of introduction this was a true revolution. Of course, over the years, the technology has evaluated, both in terms of software features and performance, as in terms of hardware.


Interested in the new XPAR Vision IR-D V7 Software and/or the new IGC features? Do you have questions, or do you want to see a demo? Please contact your account manager, or mail us:  sales@xparvision.com