Park Cam

ParkCam – Bozüyük-Bilecik Turkey – has commissioned its new furnace equipped with four new state-of-the-art production lines. These 16 section Bottero IS-machines have been provided with the latest hot end sensor technology from XPAR Vision. Each IS-production line uses the InfraRed Dual camera system in combination with BoX and GobAssist/BTC.

During the start-up phase XPAR Vision provided onsite consultancy support, to present real time feedback by its IR-D of all 16 sections (representing 48 cavities!). This has proven to be very effective, in alignment of pusher timing setup and to monitor the cavity performance as soon as the first sections were started. On top of that, the IR-D camera system inspected against quality specifications, straight from the first bottle. This ensured that bottles could be forwarded to the cold end much earlier, allowing the CE-equipment to be setup and tested immediately.

Thanks to the great assistance from XPAR Vision we have experienced a very smooth startup of all four production lines of our new furnace

Semih Özbay, General Manager of ParkCam

Outstanding support

”ParkCam has received outstanding support over the years and we can depend on it. This makes the relationship with XPAR Vision very important for us. Within 3 weeks after the start of the new furnace, we reached an average Pack-to-Melt of 90% efficiency for the 4 production lines with 500 tons per day full capacity. This is really an extraordinary result of the right selection of equipment, combined with the experience of the ParkCam workforce.”


“The partnership between ParkCam and XPAR Vision started already with the commissioning of the first furnace in 2013 and we intend to strengthen it further by working closely together in current and new developments of our hot end sensor solutions”, says Jeroen Vincent, Sales Manager of XPAR Vision. “In the months to come XPAR Vision will assist ParkCam’s production team with effectively using the GobAssist/BTC systems, by regular site visits of our consultants. The extra benefits of this unique technology will help ParkCam in its objective for continuous forming process optimization. In this respect the embedding of the measurements on temperature, loading and the effect in glass distribution into BoX closed loop functionality, will lead to even more efficiency increase with less workload.”