Operator consoles: standing & arm version

During the Glasstec in Düsseldorf we showed our newest Operator Console. The Operator Console is the cabinet in which the user interface is located. Before we had the Operator Console integrated with the Production Line Console. The main advantage of a separate Operator Console is not having the processing computers too close to the hot environment of the IS machine.

The console can be used for the IR-D, Gob Assist and BTC. It is also possible to use more than one console. The Operator Console will be placed in the area around the IS-machine based on the customer preference. The Console consists of a screen, keyboard and Roller ball.

On request of some of our customers, now we also have developed an arm version of the Operator console. Now any customer can choose on the type of console, depending on the specific circumstances.

Operator console - standing
Operator console – standing
Operator console - arm
Operator console – arm