Development agenda

Our development agenda for the next years is focused on creating a logical and complete range of solutions for ultimate hot end forming process control. Of course we will continue to strengthen our existing solutions as InfraRed Dual camera system (IR-D), SQL based information system (XMIS), Infrared Gob weight Control system (IGC) and Gob Assist. Besides we are working on the Blank side Temperature Control system (BTC) and the Hot End Analyzer.

The BTC contains an innovative own developed temperature sensor, which is auto-calibrating. This means the influence of a changing emissivity or contamination of the entrance window is negligible. The BTC can measure multiple points in each cavity during a cycle, and is synchronized with the timing of the IS machine. The points of measurements can be set by the user. In short everything which can be seen can be measured (neck ring, plunger, gob, blank hallfs, parison).

The BTC will be a logical add-on to the Gob Assist. With the BTC we will be able to do contactless temperature measurement at the blank side.

With the Hot End Analyzer we will be able to measure absolute wall thickness and dimensions. At first this system will an off line sampling system. As we will do for all our systems, we aim to relate the measurements of the Hot End Analyzer to the IR-D system. As such we will be able to relate IR-D intensity data to absolute customer requirements like wall thickness. As a result we will be able to closely monitor each single bottle according to the absolute customer requirements.

In the picture as per below we have put all the systems into place along with the IS machine. By bringing data from all systems into one database (our SQL database) we will be able to build graphs and/or supply information for different purpose of use (management information, process improvement information). Also this single database allows us to correlate the data and build up expertise. As such we are working on a true expert system which will open the door to a totally new future of glass forming.