V6.1 Software Update

Recently we introduced the latest software version 6.1. Some of our IR-D users have already been exposed to this newest software version.

Version 6.1 is an upgrade of the current version 6.0 and is available for all hardware configurations. In order to be able to run the software, the IR-21 and/or Polysigma configurations need a technical upgrade, and upgrade packages for this are available (please email any request to sales@xparvision.com).

Compared to version 6.0, version 6.1 is improved with regard to shape (improved / more sensitive algorithm), defects (more modules in order to be able to detect different specific defects at the same time), thin spots (easier to set up), ware spacing (information presented in logical reference to IS machine order, which result in more effective use). Besides these co called major changes, we have taken the opportunity to do a range of minor improvements as well.

In case of any questions please contact sales@xparvision.com or support@xparvision.com