XPAR Vision team further expanded

In the recent months, despite uncertainties relating to Covid-19, and following the Vision of developing technologies for the purpose of producing lighter and stronger containers, with zero defects at higher speed and with less human dependency, XPAR Vision has extended its team with 4 new employees. As a result the total number of employees now is 33.

Besides Joop Dalstra (CTO) and Paul Schreuders (CEO/CCO) since August 10 Mr. Hans Ploeger has been appointed as COO.

Hans Ploeger

Hans Ploeger educational background is in the field of technical business administration, while his experience background is in Supply Chain Management and Business Management. Before joining XPAR, Hans has had several management positions at multinational companies in high tech environments for more than twenty years. Within XPAR Vision his main focus will be to optimize business processes, within the company and between the company and its business partners: “maximizing the use of energy of all employees in order to realize our ambitions”.

In order to ensure we continue to serve our customers to the best, the sales team has been expanded.

Eddie Bousema

In his position as International Account Manager Eddie’s initial focus will be on the USA market. Strengthening and expanding relationships, and enabling customers to use our hot end technologies to the maximum. Eddie brings twenty + years of experience in consultative sales and managing sales at multinational companies. With the XPAR hot end sensor and robot solutions Eddie aims to improve customers’ production processes: “meeting increasing customer requirements at higher efficiency while using less materials and energy is a huge challenge. Nevertheless if we want to have glass as the preferred packaging material we have no choice.”