XPAR Vision team expanded

In the recent months, despite uncertainties relating to Covid-19, and following the Vision of developing technologies for the purpose of producing lighter and stronger containers, with zero defects at higher speed and with less human dependency, XPAR Vision has extended its team with 4 new employees. As a result the total number of employees now is 33.

With two newly appointed developers the development team has been extended from 14 to 16.


Martijn Kamphuis

Martijn is a critical and curious graduate student who is in the final year of his master degree Industrial Engineering & Management. At XPAR Vision Martijn is working on his Master Design Project, researching opportunities and challenges of robotization in the glass container production industry. XPAR Vision hopes to use Martijn’s insights for future product development.



Kwintijn Schuurman

Kwintijn has graduated in the field of Information Science, with a focus on usability engineering and user experience. Both are specialties he’ll be using in his role as front-end developer at XPAR. In this role he builds user interfaces that not only match written criteria, but actively empower the users in their work. Applications like Dropbox and Google Chrome have raised the concept of user experience for consumers to a whole new level. In the grand scheme of things with Kwintijn we aim  for the same with B2B applications.