XPAR Vision launches the BlankRobot

During coming Glasstec in Düsseldorf XPAR Vision from the Netherlands its own BlankRobot.

As the name already indicates, the BlankRobot is designed not only for swabbing, but for other applications as well. For blank mould swabbing, XPAR Vision has entered into an exclusive co-operation with Lubriglass from Germany. By applying a special LubriGlass lubricant extremely precisely, the swabbing frequency is reduced to one time per three hours only (!) with almost no swabbing impact, leaving enough time for the robot to execute other functions.

In comparison with the traditional swabbing robots the BlankRobot hardly uses any lubrication (from 100% manually to 25% by swabbing robot to appr. 2% by BlankRobot). Consequently there is hardly any pollution and thus the working environment will be much healthier and safer. Furthermore because of the extremely low swabbing frequency and impact there is hardly any disturbance of the glass forming process. As a result hot end sensors will see other process disturbances like changing glass conditioning, mould wear and ambient temperature much more easily. This improvement/dedication of measurements will lead to very effective feedback loops and logically has huge impact on the effectiveness of forming process automation. Also, no disturbance of the glass forming process due to swabbing immediately reduces the number of badly affected bottles due to swabbing. And of course there will be an impact on lifetime of (mould) material, operator time available for other tasks and last but not least robot time for other tasks….like e.g. baffle and/or deflector swabbing, automatic alignment of delivery and in-section diagnoses.

As such the BlankRobot is a revolutionary step towards full forming process control. To learn more we welcome you at Glasstec, Hall 13, booth D15.