XPAR Vision joins “Innovation Cluster Drachten”

Recently, XPAR Vision has joined the ‘Innovation Cluster Drachten”(ICD), an innovation campus in the Northern parts of the Netherlands with 20 high-tech companies among which Philips and Stork and knowledge institutions such as the University of Groningen and ASTRON, a worldwide leading scientific institute for radio astronomy. The aim is to collaborate, share knowledge and resources and to operate at the forefront of innovation on a global scale.

The partners of the innovation campus work together to realize solutions for big high tech challenges.

The Big 5 of High Tech

  • Remote sensoring and big data: establishing remote connections between appliances, instruments and machines, and collecting, transferring, storing, analyzing and using data;
  • 3D metal printing: a unique combination of 3D printing, fundamental metals science and post-processing technologies;
  • Robotics: nearly or completely unmanned operation of high-tech systems at customers and in factories;
  • Visual intelligence: a unique combination of camera technologies, big data and neural networks;
  • All-electric propulsion: 100% emission-free drive systems through electric drive trains, including high-performance photovoltaic technology (100% renewable energy).

Where great minds work

Innovation Cluster Drachten is the unique collaboration between R&D departments that support and reinforce each other, instead of competing each other. “We are very satisfied with XPAR Vision as a new member”, says Chairman ICD Binne Visser. “With their excellent sensors, software, robots and service, they have been working at a very high level for many years. That is only possible by facilitating and stimulating engineers to think, work and design outside the box. Thanks to their expertise, XPAR Vision is an inspiring member of our campus.” Within the ICD over 3,800 motivated professionals – from university graduates to production employees – have found a dynamic career in excellent high tech companies. They enjoy the challenge of using each other’s knowledge to develop and produce high-end and unique products. ‘Where great minds work!’ is the pay-off of the ICD.

Focus on innovation

“As experts in hot end sensor and robot solutions in the glass industry, we need to stay focused on innovation, in order to keep our strong market leader position”, says CEO XPAR Vision Paul Schreuders. “Creativity and guts are pre-conditions for being innovative. On the other hand we need to be practical too. Thanks to our technical and application support, we are constantly in close contact with our customers. This interaction often leads to new ideas, which our developers consequently turn into new products or features.”

Enrichment and acceleration

Schreuders: “Our main reason to join Innovation Cluster Drachten was our interest in remote sensoring, big data, robotics and visual intelligence. Looking at The Big 5 of High Tech, we simply could not refuse the request to join the group. I strongly believe that interaction with other high tech companies will benefit us all. It will accelerate R&D and innovation and that is exactly what we need for our customers in glass, allowing them to become more competitive and sustainable.”