XPAR Vision introduces E-learning

Proper training and education is highly important for beneficial use of the equipment we supply. Traditionally XPAR Vision is following up any sales of equipment by technical and user trainings on site. Our Field Service Engineers and Consultants are travelling internationally from customer to customer to bring this educational service, normally in the form of a two or three days training program.

Since the beginning of this year due to corona and the related travel restrictions, like many other companies, also XPAR Vision is reviewing and changing its traditional ways of working. In this context, enforced by realizing that in the container glass industry employee turnover rate is increasing and internal organizational changes are taking place regularly, with the aim to service our customer even better, XPAR Vision is introducing an on-line training and instruction platform.

E-learning – format

During the past few months and in consultation with some customers training material for both using and maintaining the sensor and robot equipment have been converted from “in class” into an E-learning format.

The E-learning format is basically a set of courses organized around defined profiles which in return are connected to trainees. Within our E-learning format we distinguish between profiles for Operators, Specialist, Quality Assurance, Maintenance, Job Change and Management. Each course in any profile is short and practical, has a clear purpose and during the course some questions appear and need to be answered, for purpose of immediate feedback and to check if the training material has been well understood by the trainee. These courses are offered at an online platform which is accessible through any web browser from every working station in the world, either from home or office, at any moment in time, fully at convenience of the trainee.


In comparison to the traditional “in class” format, E-learning has many advantages. Besides the ones mentioned already, one should think of

  • Centrally stored content, allowing for up to date knowledge offering
  • Monitoring training progress, allowing for trainee and his/her manager to review any progress easily
  • Low costs in comparison to the traditional “in class” format
  • Unlimited accessibility in time and place, allowing to reach full coverage easily

Additional services

Directly connected to E-learning is a set of pre-defined services, which can be easily extended in consultation with specific customer demand. Pre-defined services are for example the possibility to raise questions (and get answers) to our experienced Field Service Engineers and Consultants, at any moment in time during any course, and the possibility to request for customer specific assistance and/or training, remotely or on site.

Roll out

From January onwards E-learning will be rolled out. Starting with a focus on IR (V7 and higher) and the English language, E-learning will be used as a platform for all XPAR Vision sensors and robot systems, for both system use and system maintenance, and at least for Operator level it will be become available in all languages.

For further information please contact the XPAR Vision Sales Department (sales@xparvision.com) or your Account Manager directly.