XPAR Vision hits the Dutch Innovation TOP 100

After winning the the Entrepreneurship Award of the province of Groningen in the Northern part of the Netherlands, XPAR Vision reached the National Innovation Top 100 this year. In fact, we won the 9th place! The Innovation Top 100 is an initiative of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Goal of the award is to stimulate growth and innovation amongst small and medium sized companies.

In their motivation, the jury memorizes XPAR Vision’s successful innovations in general and the connection between advanced sensor technology and the traditional glass container manufacturing process specifically, as a determining factor for achieving innovative breakthroughs for the industry.

New networks

“Our ninth position in the National Innovation charts makes us visible in the whole country”, says CEO Paul Schreuders. “This visibility is important to us. It helps us to access new knowledge, new partners and new networks. This – in return – helps us further to improve our product portfolio and services and allows us to serve the global container glass industry even better.”

National recognition

“The national recognition of our innovative character is yet another confirmation, that strengthens us in continuing our strategy, to create and continuously improve hot end sensors and related closed loop solutions to automate the glass container forming process even more.”

Contact us

Learn more about XPAR Vision and our solutions by visiting our website www.xparvision.com or by contacting Paul Schreuders at schreuders@xparvision.com or by calling +31 50 316 2888. We look forward to meeting you!