What to do when XPAR reject is not blowing off the right bottles?


XPAR reject is not blowing off the right bottles.


A: Bottles appear in front of nozzle at the wrong time

B: Nozzle range is to wide, blows off more than 1 bottle at the same time

C: Nozzle is open/ activated to long


A: possible solution:

If there are guide bars between the camera’s and the reject (see picture below) the bottles that touch the bars will be delayed due to friction. Place the guide bars before the camera’s or after the reject nozzle.

B: possible solutions:

Replace the nozzle with the round mouth for one with a flat mouth so it has a more specific spot to blow off. (available at lechler.de )

C: possible solution:

Change the “pulse width” The pulse time of the reject is longer than half the diameter of the bottle. Decrease the pulse width (ms)

The product period is the time between two bottles passing the camera/reject. If you want to blow off a bottle later, at a product period to the delay timing. If earlier extract.

D: Contact Xpar Support.