What is wrong if the following message appears: “No connection to camera” and no images?


There are no camera images and a message ‘no connection with camera’ is in the overview screen.


A: The Server can not receive data from the camera due to broken / loose network cable or connector between camera and camera computer.

B: The server can not receive data due to a defective frame-grabber device.

C: The camera has shut down due to:

  1. High temperature (>50 degrees Celcius)
  2. Defect ciruit breaker in the plc cabinet
  3. Power failure due to cable breakage or defect power connectors inside PLC-, or camera cabinet
  4. Defect camera



A: Check the network cable for breaches and broken/loose connectors.

B: Contact Xpar Support.

C: possible solutions:

  1. Check the cooling of the camera’s and restore if not working
  2. Check the circuit-breaker and replace if broken
  3. Check the power cabling and connector. Replace if necessary
  4. Check (When possible) if a light is lit at the back of the camera


When there is no light or red light the camera has no power and is possibly defect.

When defect; contact Xpar Vision.