The Chiller gives a fault message. What is the cause?


I get a warning message from the chiller in the overview screen.


A chiller warning message can have the following causes:

A): The water level in the chiller is too low.

B): The water temperature of the chiller is above or below the setpoint (usually 20 deg. Celsius), which will trigger the chiller alarm. The following causes are possible.

  1.  Too warm: The flow to the camera’s is too low. The chiller cannot loose it’s heat.
  2.  Too warm: In case of an air-cooled chiller, the air-filter or radiator can be dirty. This results in a decreased airflow through the radiator. The water cannot be  cooled enough.
  3.  Too cold: the chiller keeps cooling continuous. The chiller has a defect.
  4.  Other.


C): The chiller itself has a defect.



A): Check the water level and fill the chiller with water to the correct level. See the IR-D installation manual for water type and/or additives.

B): Check the temperature at the controller panel of the chiller.

  1.  Increase the flow to the camera until the temperature of the camera’s and water is at the correct value. If this does not help, contact Xpar Support.
  2.  Check if the filter and/or radiator is dirty. Replace the filter if necessary for a new one. Note: The filter can look clean but clogged with dust which is difficult to see.
  3.  Contact Xpar Support.


C): Contact Xpar Support.