Renewed website

Recently we have launched our new website. Besides a refreshed appearance this new website will allow us to interact more closely with our customers, in order to assist them in their effort to improve quality and reduce costs.

We aim to let our website be a portal with a specific focus on container glass forming, to be used by anyone who has interest in this topic. Continuously we will collect and present relevant articles, news facts and/or information on events from e.g. industry associations, container glass manufacturers and suppliers to the container glass industry.

Furthermore and mainly for our existing customers, our website will become an important tool for assisting customers in their daily effort to improve their glass forming process. Besides manuals (user manuals, maintenance manuals, etc.) we will set up a list of so called frequently asked questions (FAQ) with regard to the use of our software and/or hardware. Furthermore and specifically for the glass forming process, we will document examples of so called standard operating procedures (SOP) and Best Practices of which we have experienced a good value for container glass manufacturers.