O-I Mexico (former Vitro S.A.B. de C.V.), Mexico’s largest glass producer, has installed its  first five Gob Assist and Blank Temperature Control systems (GA/BTC) from XPAR Vision, in their Queretaro and Monterey plant. The cooperation began four years ago, when director Juan Farias from FAMA, plant manager Eduardo Servin from Vitro Queretaro and Michael Podgorski from XPAR Vision agreed on installing IR-D systems at the Queretaro glass plant. The cooperation intensified towards new technologies such as the Gob Assist and Blank Temperature Control module and resulted in extending the Hot End inspection and monitoring capacity, by installing five additional GA and BTC systems: three at the O-I Queretaro plant and two at the O-I Monterrey plant, including two IR-D systems.

This year, four more GA/BTC systems will be installed at the O-I Queretaro plant, under leadership from the plant manager Jose Gonzalez. O-I Mexico manufactures glass containers for food and beverages at its five plants in Mexico and is employing about 4,700 people.

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