With the startup of a new furnace with three production lines, Gürallar Cam Embalaj* has introduced itself into the container glass industry of Turkey.

After a thorough selection process the companies’ management decided to choose for XPAR Vision to supply the hot end technology for inspection and process monitoring. XPAR Vision has commissioned its IR-D systems on each production line during the startup of the plant. Abdullah Gayret, the companies’ CEO, explains: “We want to improve our efficiency and quality level in the first step for container glass by working with XPAR Vision’s latest technologies. We believe that our cooperation will grow rapidly. Gurallar Cam Ambalaj will be one of the major business partners of XPAR Vision in further innovations.”

In order to realize fast learning and optimized usage of the IR-D systems, XPAR Vision has prepared Gürallars’ production team – prior to the startup – by providing training and instruction at their own plant. During startup and in the months thereafter the XPAR Vision consultant has been supporting the production team to ensure optimal results.

XPAR vision is very delighted and proud to welcome Gürallar Cam Ambalaj to its broad customer base and is determined to establish a successful partnership together.

*About Gürallar:

Gürallar, a table glass manufacturer in Turkey, has renewned its identity in order to become a global brand. Therefore Gürallar Group, which was established in 1948, decided as one of the most reputable companies in Turkey, to carry the ArtCraft brand to the future with a new name: LAV. The new name reflects the young and dynamic spirit of the group. The LAV brand is based on a strong communication platform with its consumers, providing them trendy tips, lifestyle recommendations and brilliant ideas.

In 2014 the Gürallar Group decided to invest in a new plant which produces container glass as the first furnace of 300 tpd melting capacity. The name of this new investment is GURALLAR CAM AMBALAJ which is placed in Kütahya and will be established on an area of 300 thousand square meters.

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