New in XPAR Vision IR-D: Re-inspect

Similar to the verification of inspection machine set-up in the Cold End with sample sets of defects in bottles, XPAR Vision makes the same procedure available in the Hot End.

The new feature Re-Inspect keeps a sample set of detected critical defects available to verify the current settings of the IR-D against. This is extremely helpful after a set-up change to verify performance of defect detection to ensure you get the best added value from your IR-D.

Yet it provides also a tool to verify the system set-up after a JobChange.

And last but not least, this features allows to store detected critical defects into the list, allowing for careful team review an learning afterwards.

The Re-Inspect feature is available for IR-D software version 7.x, and free of charge for current IR-D users.

Contact your Sales Manager or for more information or to request this new feature.