Long Term Image Storage: “This is good, guys! Very Good!”

As has been announced earlier, since a few months XPAR Vision is promoting Long Term Image Storage (LTIS) as an add on to its InfraRed Dual camera system for hot end inspection and process monitoring.

With LTIS images of all bottles just produced are stored, either on local hard disks on in the Cloud. Stored images can be retrieved with the XPAR Image Viewer, and data can be analysed.

With the storage of all images internal and external traceability on both short and long term are supported. In case of internal traceability, the availability of all images including their time stamps allow for accurate determination of minimum quantities of Held ware and thus costs of resorting. In case of external traceability, the availability of all images including their time stamps allow for precise identification of contaminated pallets, with proof towards the users of glass bottles. As such potential damage (customer complaints, financial claims, reputational damage) can be managed and limited.

Recently one of our customer glass bottle producers reported happily the great benefits of this feature back to us: “The first reject we saw for spikes on XPAR was at 18:14 and it was Section 7 Cavity C. So they were going to dump that ware. They did an audit on the skids and didn’t find any defects prior to that. Thankfully, though, with XPAR Long Term Image Storage, I was able to go back and review images and verify that we had actually been making them on the entire section, which pointed towards a different root cause, allowing for the issue to be fully corrected. It also allowed us to ensure we went back far enough with the quarantine to prevent any critical defects from making it to the customer. I’m very happy with the results of this. This could make it so easy to verify whether or not defects were made prior to being found and know exact start and stop times for dumping/resorting, minimizing the amount of ware lost while maximizing our level of quality. I think this is good, guys! Very Good.”

Would you secure your traceability as well with XPAR Vision’s LTIS, please contact your Account Manager of make a request to sales@xparvision.com