Seminar “Bright Ideas. Better Glass”

On Wednesday June 29 and Thursday June 30, XPAR Vision will organize the Seminar “Bright Ideas. Better Glass” in Groningen, the Netherlands. Together with a selected group of customers we aim to create – and cocreate – the best possible alignment between market requirements and our development activities. All customers using the new technologies GobAssist/Blankside Temperature Control and Swabbing Robot have been invited to attend the seminar. Of course, our developers from XPAR Vision and Novaxion will be there.

The city of Groningen
The city of Groningen

40 attendees, 10 nationalities

A very interesting group of professionals, from various companies and countries, are expected to attend the seminar: Ardagh Dongen (Netherlands), Bottero (Italy), Bucher Emhart Glass (Sweden/Switzerland), Gallo Glass (USA), Nihon Yamamura Glass (Japan), ParkCam (Turkey), Sisecam Anadolu Cam, (Turkey), Vitro/O-I (Mexico) and Wiegand Glas (Germany). They will meet the developers from Novaxion (France) and XPAR Vision (Netherlands) and our Management and Sales Team.


Together we will focus on the next steps in developing new technologies for GobAssist/Blankside Temperature Control and Swabbing Robot and on ‘Smart Manufacturing’. Our objective is, to create ideas that ultimately can turn the glass production facility into a so-called dark factory.

First day’s program starts with customer reviews of the GobAssist/Blankside Temperature Control and Swabbing Robot. The aim is to discuss and identify potential improvements and development areas, in alignment with future needs.  On the second day we have invited two keynote speakers: Mr. Evert van den Akker MBA (Program Manager Smart Industry – TNO, the Netherlands), he will talk about ‘Smart Manufacturing’, followed by Prof. Dr. Hessenkemper (Freiburg Universität), who will give his view on “Technological Perspectives for the Glass container Forming Process”. Also, Joop Dalstra (CSO XPAR Vision) will share his insights on XPAR Vision’s R&D agenda and the future of hot end forming.

XPAR Vision office location
XPAR Vision office location

Hot End technology

We are very proud to welcome the representatives of the early user customers of the GA/BTC and Swabbing Robot technologies. Together we will discuss and align our opinions and vision of the future of container glass forming. We are convinced that Hot End technology will be a crucial and indispensable element to reach next levels in terms of efficiency and quality control.

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If you would like to know more about the ‘Bright Ideas. Better Glass’ seminar, feel free to contact us at or call +31 50 316 2888.