Enjoy our ‘best in class’ Customer Support

We realize, that customers can only benefit from our hot end technology when all is working well. Although this sounds logical, this is not the standard in the industry, unfortunately! Therefore, we have organized a customer support organization that is ‘best in class’. Our dedicated Customer Support Team can remotely access, monitor and diagnose all XPAR Vision systems installed globally, by a secured internet connection. Combined with the detailed documentation of specific customer situations, our team can solve about 95% of all incidents reported within 24 till 48 hours. This contributes to the realization of optimum results in the glass container industry.


Our Customer Support Team has extended their service outside office hours, to improve the availability for the Far East and the West Coast in the USA. Shortly their support will be extended by automatic remote monitoring of the XPAR Vision systems. Thanks to this new service we can ultimately provide proactive customer services. We keep our focus on extending our service performance, in order to guarantee maximum uptime and maximum results of all XPAR Vision systems. This is an absolute necessity, since the number of systems implemented globally grows day by day.


Within the course of this year we aim to migrate all our customers towards the new online service. Experience so far learns us, that customers highly appreciate the service, as it is taken the potential burden off their shoulders. It also helps our colleagues, to organize an even higher service level and thus to become even more effective. Thanks to the new online possibilities, we can bring customer support at a level that goes beyond expectations!


Interested in the new online possibilities of XPAR Vision Customer Support? Any questions, problems or ideas? Please contact your account manager, or mail us: contact@xparvision.com