Automatic report distribution

XMIS (XPAR Management Information System) allows all process data from all hot end solutions to be stored on a centralized server for longer periods of time. It also provides a web based user interface to retrieve this data in a intuitive way by generating user defined graphs and dashboard and pre-defined reports and queries.

XMIS enables the user to analyze for critical defects, perform process improvements and do benchmarking between i.e. cavities, sections and lines. It also provides access to historical data, for traceability in case of customer reclamations.

Recently we have included a mail service which can deliver pre-defined standardized reports at pre-defined time intervals (i.e. daily at 08.00 hours) for pre-defined users (i.e. specialist, production manager). With all hot end information so easy accessible there is no excuse anymore to act on the bases of “experience” instead of “knowledge”.