AMAZING DISCOVERIES … in hot end sensor technology

Since early 2015 XPAR Vision is sharing the results of implementing hot end sensor technologies in the glass industry. We have been publishing our knowledge in a series of exclusive articles for Glass Worldwide, entitled ‘Amazing discoveries.’ Three articles were previously published; the fourth is coming up soon!

As market leader of technologies for hot end inspection, process monitoring and process automation in the container glass industry, we are accustomed to the fact that our solutions are new to the market. Therefor our learning and developing process continues, even after the release of our new products. We monitor, collect and analyze all data, generated by our systems.

Lessons learned

We gladly share our ‘lessons learned’ in a series of exclusive articles in Glass Worldwide. Until now, we have published three articles about the results of our latest equipment innovations: the Gob Assist and the Blank Temperature Control. In these articles we have focussed on Gob Speed (Part one), Gob Length (Part two) and Gob Position (Part three). The fourth article – published in the coming issue of Glass Worldwide – will focus on Time of Arrival of the gob.

Maximizing profit

Through these series of publications we want to emphasize our leadership in hot end inspection, process monitoring and process automation in the container glass industry. Together with our partners and customers we believe that it is possible to drastically improve efficiency, maximize profit, reduce defects, material and energy and make bottles even lighter and stronger. To do so, we need the combination of science, experience and a lot of data to analyze. That is exactly what we do on a daily basis. To be continued …


Did you miss the first three articles? No problem! You can download and read the articles here!