AMAZING DISCOVERIES ARTICLES … about hot end sensor technology

Since more than a year now, XPAR Vision is actively sharing the remarkable results of implementing hot end sensor technologies in the glass industry. We have been publishing our knowledge in a series of exclusive articles for Glass Worldwide. Six articles were previously published; the seventh is coming up soon. The series is entitled: ‘Amazing discoveries … in hot end sensor technology.’

Drastic improvements

Together with our partners and customers, we are convinced that it is possible to drastically improve efficiency, maximize profit, reduce defects, material and energy and make bottles even lighter and stronger. To do so, we need the combination of science, experience and a lot of data to analyze. And that is exactly what we do, on a daily basis. We write about our experiences and share them with the market.  Do you want to read or share the information? Go ahead: you can download, read and share the articles on our completely renewed website!

Knowledge articles