We consult

Because we are result driven, we have a strong focus on the implementation of our hot end technology in the daily operation of our customers. Based on our experience and customer feedback of more than 500 system implementations, we have written an Implementation Road Map that is being optimised continuously. Our Implementation Road Map is a very effective method to implement and use our IR-D, IGC, GobAssist and BTC systems on any production line. As a market leader, we consider it our responsibility not only to develop and sell systems, but also to assist customers to get the most out of it!

The best possible implementation starts with a smooth commissioning of the physical system at the production line. This can be done without stopping the IS-Machine, therefore without losing production time. Prior to the installation and commissioning by our Field Service Engineers a pre-installation event is organized at the customer’s site, to prepare and align all departments involved.


For our customers, the implementation of our system into their operations means that teams have to adapt a new way of working. After installation and commissioning our system, our team of consultants, all with decades of bottle making experience, are guiding and training the customer’s staff during a number of site visits. We use a logical step-by-step approach to embed operating procedures related to (simple) tasks into everyone’s daily work routine. This embedding process is supported by sharing hot end data, generated by our systems, to the relevant person in the customer’s organization.

Examples are:

  • Reporting functionality by daily internal distribution of Standard Reports of forming related data
  • Interface to any production information system, such as Vertech’s SILc and EKF’s iAfis, but also custom-built ones

Furthermore, we provide specific training and documentation on seven so called application areas in the bottle making process to focus on relevant and significant process improvements (see figure 1).


The process improvement results are monitored by documenting metrics (KPI’s) throughout the implementation period. We complete and finalize the Implementation Roadmap with a formal review with the customer’s management.

With this dedicated and customised Implementation Road Map we provide the ultimate assistance to our customers, in order to achieve the highest benefits from their investments in XPAR Vision’s hot end systems.