XPAR Vision is a private held, independent and innovative company from the Netherlands – a spinoff from the University of Groningen - specialized in advanced sensor technology for the global glass container industry. We help the industry make better glass containers (lighter and stronger), reduce their footprint and realize a 20-25% cost reduction.

At XPAR Vision we develop, install, implement, service and maintain hot end sensor technology. Our products and services help to improve the quality selection, quality control and automated process control for the global container glass industry. Since our foundation in 1999 we have become specialists and market leader in optimizing the hot end part of the production process. Until today we have installed and implemented more than 500 systems in more than 30 countries on all continents. Our portfolio consists of the following products:

  • GA, Gob Assist. Measures (hot end) loading parameters, like position, speed, length, diameter and shape of the gobs, before they enter the blank mould (launched in 2010).
  • BoX, a system for automatic closed loop, between XPAR sensor technology and Bottero timing, focused on stabilizing the glass distribution of bottles (launched in 2014).

Better world

Proper application of our technology helps making glass bottles and jars lighter and stronger, producing them more efficient and faster, with minimum use of raw materials, energy and carbon emission. The potential savings for global glass container manufacturers are enormous. If we can realize these improvements and savings together, the image of glass will be much better and glass will be much more competitive with other packaging materials, such as cans, cartons and plastics (PET). Together, we can make a substantial contribution to a better world (people, planet & profit).

Result driven

Our focus on results and implementation is unique for the industry. Our consultants - experienced former glass makers and specialists - continuously visit our customers on site for advice, support & training. We look far beyond the sales of our products. We are result driven. Our goal is the optimal implementation, usage and application of our technology, in order to take maximum advantage of all the benefits. We are very happy to see more and more satisfied managers and operators and to receive more and more enthusiastic reviews.