After a thorough selection process, which took place in 2016, Kumbi Corporation decided to choose for XPAR Vision to supply the hot end technology for inspection and process monitoring. Mr. Ko, the company’s Vice Chairman explains: “We continuously want to improve our efficiency and quality level and believe this investment is a necessity to maintain our position as leading supplier to the South Korean market.”

Mr. Paul Schreuders, CEO of XPAR Vision is very pleased with this outcome: “We are very proud to welcome Kumbi Corporation as our first customer in the Korean market. It is the result of our fruitful cooperation with Mr. Sang-Young Kim, which started about one year ago.” In the meantime, Kumbi Staff has been trained at XPAR Vision’s base in the Netherlands (Groningen). One InfraRed Dual camera system has been installed on a production line in Onyang and an XPAR Vision consultant/trainer has executed an on-the-job training at the plant. The first results are very good.

Staff training in the Netherlands

As part of the so-called Implementation Road Map every new customer is welcomed in the Netherlands, for a 3-4 days Staff Training Session. During the session the Customer’s Staff is introduced to XPAR Vision’s company, staff and technologies. As for most new customers hot end technology is totally new. Besides the functionalities and technicalities (Maintenance & Installation) the training includes practical experience and key-to-success factors of the new technologies. Mr. Han-Ic Choi: “The training was our first exposure to hot end technologies and due to its focus very useful. Besides, we have encountered many XPAR Vision staff members from the Management, Research & Development department, Field Service Engineering and Consultancy. It was a great start of our cooperation with XPAR Vision!”

On-the-job training in Onyang

In March and April 2017 one InfraRed Dual camera system has been installed on a production line in Onyang, followed by an on-the-job training in the plant. This training by XPAR Vision’s consultants is unique in the container glass industry (based on more than 100 years of glass making experience) and will be repeated every 6-8 weeks, until the new customer is using the new hot end technologies according to expectations.

Good results

The first results are good, says Mr. Kim, the company’s director: “Due to well developed technology and strong guidance by the XPAR Vision team, we have achieved good results in a very short time. In the coming weeks we’ll do a formal evaluation and decide on next investments. We believe that our cooperation will grow rapidly.”

Kumbi Corporation

For more than 50 years the Kumbi Corporation is engaged in manufacturing, supply and distribution of glass bottles. Being a lead supplier and one of the largest glass bottle manufacturers of the country, the company has played a key role in the advancement of the glass industry in South Korea. Today, the company offers flint and emerald green glass bottles in various shapes, narrow neck pressed bottles and small bottles that are widely used for beverages, food, alcoholic liquors and cosmetics. Kumbi Corporation has two plants, which are located in Onyang and Icheon with a total of 450 tons per day capacity and 7 individual section machines.

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