Please visit our brand new website!

We are very excited and proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website! Visit us at: The main driver for renewal, was to guarantee improved responsiveness for different platforms, like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Of course, we also used the renewal process to improve the content and service.


At XPAR Vision, we are accustomed to the fact that our solutions are new to the market. Therefore, we believe it’s our responsibility to actively develop and share knowledge with the industry. We make the information easily accessible, for current as well as future customers. With Glass Worldwide magazine we have an exclusive arrangement to publish one knowledge article every edition. At the time of publication of this News Flash, the seventh article is on its way. Of course, our brand new website is the 24/7 knowledge database and virtual service centre. All articles are collected and archived here, in a special section called: “Knowledge”.


We would very much appreciate it, if you can make some time to explore our new website. See who we are as a company. Explore our products and solutions. Meet our team members! Browsing through the home page for instance, you will meet Mr. Koos Huisman: our main contact for general affairs. And by browsing through the product pages, you’ll end up with our account managers. Please use them as point of entry to XPAR Vision, if you have any specific questions. They like to have personal contact with you and they will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Support is extremely important to us! Within our company we have professionals with more than a century of broad experience in the glass making industry. Every system installation and commissioning is followed by an on-site implementation and application program. Besides that, we have our remote customer support team of Field Service Engineers. They are available from Monday until Friday, from 08.30 AM until 08.30 PM CET. As mentioned in an earlier News Flash, we are in the process of transforming this support function, from reactive (but fast) to pro-active. See also:


On our new website there is an entire section called “Support”, where we publish Frequently Asked Questions and related answers. In the near future we will also use this section for sharing relevant “Tips & Trics”. Do not hesitate to complement our FAQ and come up with new questions, suggestions and ideas. We can learn many things from each other and business can always be improved!


Please visit our renewed website at We are convinced, that XPAR Vision has made an important step towards professionalizing our market communication. On the other hand, we realize that every website can always be better. XPAR Vision is heading for perfection! Therefore we look forward to receive your feedback. We are very interested in your opinion. Please mail us through: